Brofest 2017 once again brings you more metal than your head can handle.


The Bridlington Boys are back! A revisit from the first NWOBHM reunion show we ever hosted at Brofest, BADGE are set to get hips swinging at our preshow party at Trillians on Thursday night! Expect a few rockers from their long-awaited 2nd album in the works, and plenty of BADGE chants in between!


Ready to deliver the goods once again, the BATTLEAXE bus is back in town for what’s set to be another storming performance on the Brofest stage. BATTLEAXE have been quiet on the gig front for a while now whilst they work on their next album “Convert or Burn”! So this promises to be a very special show, not least because they will be joined on drums by Gary Young of AVENGER fame!


Another really rare chance to catch this outstanding live band on stage at Brofest on Friday night. Even though BERLYN rubbed shoulders with future IRON MAIDEN members when they played together in URCHIN, you feel like this band should have been massive – just check out any of the material they’ve released posthumously on High Roller Records if you want introduce your neck to some absolute bangers! Do not miss this show!!


Our first reunion show of 2017! Making the trek all the way up from Kent this will be the first Blackmayne show in over 30 years and it’s been something we’ve wanted to see at Brofest since the beginning! Their classic 1985 self-titled album is due for a re-release this year and we’re expecting to see great things from this band now that they are finally back!


With a back catalogue spanning almost 40 years it’s no surprise that DEMON have honed their live shows into the stuff of legend! Practically a household name among NWOBHM fans it’s also no wonder they are one of the most-requested bands we’ve had to play at Brofest. Get ready for a stormer of a show on Saturday night!


Cult splatterthrash maniacs GHOUL will be laying waste to the Brofest stage also on Saturday night! It’s been 4 years since their last appearance in Newcastle when they played Trillians with Cannabis Corpse – if that gig was anything to go by then this show this show is going to be insane! A dream to some, a nightmare to others!!


No strangers to Newcastle now as they are easily one of the best bands to come out of the last decade, Chicago’s HIGH SPIRITS will be bringing their brand of high energy rock to Brofest once again! Embodying the DIY ethics of the NWOBHM era along with some of the most catchy and rocking heavy sounds around, it’s an honour to be bringing these guys over again and we’re excited about the rest of the UK tour too! Motivational Rock n Roll!


Speeding down the highway from Glasgow town, young bros MIDNIGHT FORCE will be kicking Brofest into gear at a preshow party on Thursday night! If you like old metal make sure you pick up a copy of their killer new EP “Restless Blade”!


It was a real honour to host the reunion show of this phenomenal South Shields NWOBHM band back in 2015. Since then MYTHRA have been nothing short of a class act, delighting fans the world over and performing to huge crowds across Europe! Now with a record deal secured and an upcoming album “Still Burning” due for release in April, we are looking forward to this band making Heavy Metal history all over again!


Graham Oliver and Steve Dawson were two of the founding members of the mighty SAXON and played in the band on all of their essential albums. With a live show that’s been rocking crowds the world over, and a catalogue jam-packed with Heavy Metal anthems, this is going to a huge way to close things off on Friday night! Biff may be the voice, but Bri is unquestionably the bants, as anyone who saw Seventh Son at Brofest last year will remember!


Another fantastic cult NWOBHM outfit that has been sorely missed in Newcastle since the dark days of Brofest #1! Last year’s storming album “Dark Days” showed a band really hitting their stride so this is the perfect band to headline our Thursday night show at Trillians!


Derbyshire heroes SARACEN will be a delight to many fans of Brofest – their 1981 classic “Heroes, Saints and Fools” album is a milestone of the more progressive style of the NWOBHM movement. Although recently reunited, their live shows have been few and far between. Meanwhile vocalist Steve Bettney hasn’t lost any of his powerful delivery so you won’t want to miss this very rare show from one of British progressive rock’s finest!


Drawing on a huge range of influences from classic heavy metal to some of the more progressive US power metal bands of the era, “The Dreaming City” the debut EP from these young UK bros is highly recommended! One of the most exciting bands to keep an eye on right now, there are more than enough soaring vocals and banging riffage here to destroy all hangovers as they kick things off at Brofest #5 on Saturday afternoon!


Our next reunion show at Brofest #5 comes from cult Bristol-based rockers STORMTROOPER! Best known for their 1980 single “Pride Before a Fall”, this is a band whose incredible knack for writing killer tunes unfortunately never really saw much further exposure until the release of the band’s “lost album” in 2016! Mixing boogie rock riffage, soaring metal guitar solos and even the odd progressive passage, all with the unmistakably thundering bass chops of Colin “Boggy” Bond, this is such a unique and distinctive band. This exclusive show of one of the finest bands of the NWOBHM era is the stuff that Brofest is built around and a dream come true for die-hard heavy metal fans!


Another one of our favourite young Heavy Metal bands in the UK right now. We cannot wait for TOLDEDO STEEL’s debut album to be released this year, but we’ll try and get our fix of their blistering twin guitar Heavy Metal attack at Brofest! Catch them also supporting HIGH SPIRITS on their UK tour this month!


Formed in Pontypool, Wales in 1984, Traitors Gate earned a strong reputation for their fast power metal and consistent touring, supporting other British classics including Angel Witch. The band’s 1985 EP ‘Devil Takes the High Road’ has become a classic of the mid-80s British metal genre. Now, almost 30 years since they split, Traitors Gate have finally reformed the longest lasting and hardest touring line-up especially for Brofest 2017!


And finally our Saturday night headliners will be familiar to almost anybody with an interest in British Heavy Metal and are one of the household names of the NWOBHM movement. That being the case, it’s inconceivable to think that this will be the band’s first show in the North East in 35 years and their first ever in Newcastle! With original vocalist Alan Marsh recently rejoining the ranks, TOKYO BLADE are at the top of their game once again and this is set to be an unforgettable show to close out Brofest for another year!