Bands 2014


Hailing from the worldwide capital of heavy metal, Preston(UK), newcomers to the scene ASCALON are coming to smash the bros and sis’s from all over the world with their heavy metal thunder, expect mullets and spandex with a full steam headbanging!


A band best known for its bassist/vocalist Tony “Demolition Man” Dolan. Tony, Steve and Payre will be playing the cult classic “future warriors”in its entirity for the first time ever!! their place in the annals of NWOBHM folklore is more than justified!


Returning to BROFEST after a storming reunion last year, Rob and the boys are gonna make you boogie woogie one last time, get ya singing voices prepared!!!


The mighty BATTLEAXE will be making a rare appearance on the Friday night at BROFEST #2. The legendary battle-bus makes its journey back up to Newcastle for the first time in ages! Hot on the heels of their long-awaited 3rd album “Heavy Metal Sanctuary” – get ready for a show that pulls no punches as they burn this town!


After splitting and going their separate ways back in 1983, BERLYN will be returning back to the stage 31 years later to rock Newcastle like never before! With only a demo released in their time together, these guys should have gone a lot further. Luckily 2 LPs worth of live material were released in the 00’s, which is just all exceptionally well written rockers! Featuring Maurice Coyne and Alan Levitt of URCHIN fame.


BLITZKRIEG have remained resolute over the years and have continued to stay true to their metal roots – Their new album “Back from Hell” is no exception! It’s a great pleasure to have one of the best bands of the North East scene joining the stage at BROFEST!


Trio of Denim clad mullets all the way from Canada, back in Newcastle for 1 of 2 UK dates to rock ya tits off and chain you up in chains!


Underground Scouse legends DAMASCUS started their venture into the NWOBHM circuit back in 1982, releasing 1 demo tape and the rare and absolutely thundering “Open Your Eyes” 12″. Thankfully making a return to the stage after 3 decades, you know this is gonna be one for all you Dreamers out there!


Over a decade of riffs from these Black Country boys, playing traditional classic metal with extreme prowess and fantastic melodies, DARK FOREST are a force to be reckoned with in the metal world. 2013 we will hopefully see a new album from the guys to!


Massive UK spandex bros all the way from big curly haired country, aka Lancaster. This will be the bands debut gig in the northern wastelands of Nwobhm central. Young(HAH!) lads playing classic heavy metal, drowned in rum! Outlaws on the Highway all over the M1!


Coming to being in Croatia and relocating to the UK in the late 80’s, EVIL BLOOD spurred on by UK bands MOTORHEAD and local legends VENOM, in late 1983 they delivered their MIDNIGHT IN SODOM demo which was 9 tracks of total speed metal, influenced by the likes of very early Metallica and Slayer. Strap your wig on tight for this one as your neck is gonna become lose! UURGHHH!


Formed way back in 1984 up in the North of England, Cleveland to be precise by Kenny “BLACK ROSE” Nicholson. FAST KUTZ released only one LP, the fantastic Burnin LP in 1987, they also recorded a Friday Night Rock Show session on Radio 1. FAST KUTZ will also be making a special set up of unheard/unreleased tracks aswell as performing HOLLAND and HAMMER tracks!!


IT’S FIST!!!!!!


After a short hiatus, Mr Gaskin and his cohorts will be returning to the stage at BROFEST. One of the most well know underground NWOBHM bands will be swinging its way all over the festival – tear off your capes and get Ready For Love!


Local NWOBHM legends HOLLOW GROUND make a welcome return to the live scene. Formed in 1979 and releasing the now insanely rare “Warlord” 7″ in 1980, the lads are back and Flying High once more!


One of the most influential NWOBHM bands ever make a very rare appearance in the North East. Releasing the absolutely unforgettable, and raging, AXE CRAZY single on Newcastle’s very own NEAT RECORDS all the way back in 1982. Brofest(UK) #2 is going to be a welcome return to the North East for the guys in JAGUAR and all the fans alike, let’s hear the BATTLE CRY!


Honorary UK bros from the London borough of Milan(UK)! One of the freshest, most traditional sounding Heavy Metal acts out in the scene today. Paying homage to all the great bands of the NWOBHM era, while giving it a twist of their own. RULER truly are one of the forerunners of the current Traditional Heavy Metal revival!


Rejuvenated NWOBHM greats SOLDIER are gonna be a force to be reckoned with, a new, excellent, album under their collective belts “DOGS OF WAR”, released on the legendary HEAVY METAL RECORDS imprint. SOLDIERS are making the trek up to Newcastle to rock you until you can’t find your bumbag anymore!


Mansfield’s SPARTA hit the circuit around 1979, initially under the name Xerox, they released 2 singles and 1 split record (with Savage and Panza Division) despite only being together for a decade, breaking up around 1990. The “Fast Lane” and “Tonight” singles are some of the catchiest and rocking releases from that period, its a pleasure to bring these guys back for everyone!


Penshaw’s Finest make a welcome return to the Brofest stage after a bromotional and powerhouse performance at this year’s UK #1 fest. We’re thrilled to welcome these bros back again – THE complete metal master class, complete with the latest silk scarf fashions and a… piece of meat!


The youngest band on the bill, southern UK based bros TOLEDO STEEL have been working hard over the past year to make waves in the underground, busting with razor sharp riffs and soaring vocals, these guys sound as if they were rocking the Marquee back in 1981 – they weren’t even born until a decade later! For fans of Judas Priest/Iron Maiden/Grim Reaper – true traditional British Heavy Metal!


Portsmouth’s own “GODS OF WAR” well be making a very rare appearance on stage for all you crazy NWOBHMERS out there. A true underrated gem are TRUFFLE, get ready for THE RETURN OF THE BACON SLICER!!!


One of the most legendary power trios of the 80’s, with insane live shows still talked about to this day. Steve Zodiac, Gary Perason and Terry Horbury make their live return 27 years in the making at BROFEST(UK) #2, this is not to be missed by any fans of classic rock and the NWOBHM. LETS GO!!!!!


Cauldron Tour Partners VOLTURE return to the North East to start their Euro Tour. Back with a new lineup, new moustaches, new bootleg patches from Mexico, a couple of PHASSLAYNE demo tapes on the beatbox and a debut album to contend with – prepare for the most metal of metal warriors!


WARRIOR ARE BACK!!!!! Newcastle cult hero’s are returning for a special one off reunion for all the Brofest(UK) maniacs! Nothing else needs to be said, this is going to be nuts!!!! DEAD WHEN IT COMES TO LOVE!!!!!!!!!!!


New bros on the block, debut UK show with a demo packed with every NWOBHM riff you could hope for!