Five Exciting Themes for Live Music at Parties

When you find time to attend a party, it needs to provide a worthwhile experience that will keep you on your feet. Attending a themed party is an excellent way to mix it up. For one, you get to wear a costume and pretend to be someone else. You also get to meet many interesting people.

Such events challenge you to be creative as you escape from your routine. Here are five exciting theme nights to explore:


Disco is considered to have been the golden age of club-goers and party animals. From flashy strobe lights, disco balls and the funkiest costumes. This decade had it all. Disco theme night parties are the perfect way to end the year.

The 20s

Are you a Great Gatsby fan? Well, you can relive the flapper-style life of the roaring 20s at such theme parties. Even if it’s just for a night. Get to dress with opulence as you get down to some live jazz music. You can also try out a Mid-Atlantic accent as you order signature cocktails from that age like the Roy Rogers.

Beach Get-Away

Beach party destinations like Ibiza are every partygoer’s dream. If flying to such exotic destinations is out of the budget, try the next best thing. Various clubs have such theme nights with all the lasers and fog machines. Attending one can help you forget you’re in the city.


The 90s brought a very vibrant music scene. There were exciting genres of music like Grime, Drum-n-Base and Dub. You probably had to sneak out of your parents’ house to attend such raves. You can attend Garage themed parties to reminisce over those days.

Rock Night

If you love to dress in black, eyeliner, metal studs and loud music, then you’re a rocker at heart. Look up clubs and festivals with rock night themes and let the beast out.